Gokai #

Gokai is the main runtime and framework utilized in all applications and compositors for ExpidusOS. It utilizes the embedded Flutter Engine to run multiple engines on different display outputs or window views. The core design is inspired by Android’s API by having a context (Gokai::Context) which exposes functionality via services (Gokai::Service). Each service gets their own service channel (Gokai::ServiceChannel) which allows for each service to communicate with the engine instances that call for the service. However, not every service in Gokai exposes functionality through a service channel.

Environmental Variables #

Name Description Accepted Values
GOKAI_CONTEXT_DISPLAY_BACKEND1 Changes the display backend. try-auto, x112, wayland
GOKAI_CONTEXT_MODE Changes the context mode to run Gokai in. client, compositor
GOKAI_LOGGER Changes the logging method. Linux: syslog, systemd, default

1 Works only with Linux.

2 Works only when GOKAI_CONTEXT_MODE is set to client.