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v0.1.0-prealpha is the first release of ExpidusOS, it is a part of the "Willamette" set of releases.

Name Purpose Date
Test 1 Initial testing 2/19/2021
Test 2 Bug fixes & improvements Aug 2021 - Oct 2021
Preview Pre-release snapshot TBA
Release Full version release TBA

Features[edit | edit source]

Cloud Services[edit | edit source]

ExpidusOS is designed to work with Midstall Software's cloud services. However, releases before the preview aren't expected to have the cloud services yet. These services are expected to go online for beta testing by the end of August, 2021. The main services includes the application marketplace and the cloud users.

Security[edit | edit source]

The security in v0.1.0-prealpha is minimum as it is the first version. AppArmor is built, enabled, and enforced by default. After the test 1 release, a daemon called "appd" implements a security subsystem into its runtime. This subsystem sandboxes applications from the host system. Applications also are disallowed access to the user's home directory and are given a "runtime" directory to store files. More in-depth information can be found on the App Daemon page.

XFCE4 Fork[edit | edit source]

The ExpidusOS Shell is a fork of XFCE4, many stock XFCE4 features are kept in for consistency. However, support for mobile devices with the help of libdevident is implemented into the window manager (eswm1). A custom GTK and XFCE theme called Tokyo is set by default, the Papirus icon theme is used as the default icon theme.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Development[edit | edit source]

ExpidusOS Willamette v0.1.0-prealpha begin its development in October of 2020. It was going to be a Buildroot based system but Tristan Ross found that too limiting. Development switched from using Buildroot to Arch Linux, however no simple cross compiler environments were found that was up to Tristan's liking. Then, Tristan switched to using Void Linux and found that to be a promising base. Development then when full swing into using Void Linux as a base.

The Shell[edit | edit source]

ExpidusOS Shell began its life as a configured AwesomeWM session. This was met with little success so Mutter was used but system resources was a concern of Tristan's. This caused Tristan to fork XFCE4 which became the ExpidusOS Shell shipped with the release. ExpidusOS Shell didn't have much change besides some styling and interface changes. It wasn't until Tristan decided to use Arch Linux ARM to run ExpidusOS Shell on the PinePhone. After a week, ExpidusOS Shell was working on the PinePhone. A screenshot of the shell running on the PinePhone was posted on the subreddit /r/xfce. The post caused people to have an interest in ExpidusOS Shell and the OS itself.

Packaging[edit | edit source]

Getting the OS to build has been a complicated and hard process due Tristan's hardware not wanting to run the CPU at 4.45GHz. This made it so it took almost two whole days of compiling to build the packages. Getting the packages to build started on the week of the 24th of January, 2021. x86-64 was compiled on the 7th of February. However, trying to get aarch64 to compile was a more difficult issue. Tristan got frustrated at xbps-src when it would say libssp was missing when it was a subpackage of GCC. Tristan decided to reset the package repository on February 10th and underclock his CPU to 4GHz, the results so far has been promising as the system bootstrapped in just a few hours.

Test Release 1[edit | edit source]

ExpidusOS's SDK was created, this includes a revamped version of dbuild. This release was put out into the public on 2/19/2021 at 12am PST. With the launch and rise in popularity of test release 1, the CEO and COO of Midstall Software then decided to do a 6 month "Update Call".