Yuki Inagaki

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Yuki Inagaki is the name given to the mascot of ExpidusOS Willamette. She is often seen either at a gym or online.


Yuki's appearance is not like her name, she tends to wear black or dark blue clothes. She also has short, brown hair and brown eyes. She styles her hair to be a Quiff.


Despite her cold side, she has a soft side which she rarely shows. With how she acts and looks, many thinks she is a man. This is exactly what causes her to have a soft side yet she feels frightened to reveal that side as it embarrasses her. She has little friends but finds large groups to be annoying. She despises little kids as she finds them loud, obnoxious, and intolerable. Many would find her to be cold or tough but only a few close friends have seen her soft and cheerful side.


  • Her first name, Yuki, means snow. Even though her outward appearance is the opposite of this, her inner self is as bright as snow.
  • Yuki Inagaki actually wasn't meant to be the name. Tristan Ross thought it would be a good idea for a different OS-tan to exist for every major version of ExpidusOS.